Brand Case Study: Donald Trump

Brand Donald Trump

Questionable policies & behaviour couldn’t stop Donald & Brand Trump from being elected as the 45th President of the USA. We investigate how

“Mind over Mattress” – A Marketing Genius Who Never Takes Himself Too Seriously

Mattress Mick Marketing

Just last week I took a walk down Pearse Street for a small experiment in marketing, I decided to stop 3 different people from varying backgrounds and look for directions to “Michael Flynn’s Mattress Store”. As expected, I was met with a range of responses from confusion to someone providing me with blatantly incorrect directions […]

What Bohemian Football Club Can Teach Us All About Marketing

Bohemian FC was a club on the brink of going bust not too long ago. They were on a day to day quest simply to survive which put long term strategic thinking & marketing on the back burner until some sort of stability could be achieved. Debts of €6.5 million had been built up as […]