AIG 20X20: Show Your Skills

Campaign Overview

Working with AIG Ireland, we launched the ‘Show Your Skill’ competition as part of their support for the 20×20 movement. 

The initiative called on female athletes at all levels across all sporting groups to showcase their skill by entering an online competition with the chance to win a monthly €1,000 prize. 

We posted content across social channels which included Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter. 

The campaign amplified the #EffortIsEqual message further reinforcing AIG’s support for women in sport. 

Social Media Results

Below is the most liked posts across each of the channels.


The results below include paid & organic posts. The ads used included Instagram placements.


The results generated by TikTok were all through organic posting. 


The results generated here are a combination of paid and organic posts.


The results generated through Instagram were all organic.

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