Ahhh brand ambassadors, we’ve seen some good ones and of course some bad ones in our time but one thing is for sure, the perfect ambassador can provide massive benefit to a brand when utilised correctly.

Since the turn of the millennium, various studies have shown that having high profile public figures endorsing you can improve sales enormously. Take Nike as an extreme example, they signed Tiger Woods in 1996 and saw a $50million increase in sales on golf balls by 2002.

This isn’t a new phenomenon however. Through the 1760s, royal endorsements were used as a type of celebrity branding to promote products. The first product that used celebrity endorsements was in the 1760s, where Josiah Wedgwood and Sons, producers of pottery and china ware, used royal endorsements as a marketing device to show value in the company and promote their products to the public.

At this point you might be thinking “Oh that’s great but I can hardly get Tiger Woods or The Queen to promote my business so what’s the point of this article”. Fear not however, in this piece we will highlight all the benefits while also showing you how this tactic can work on a smaller scale for your business.

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