Dublin City Council

Sport & Recreation Section


The Dublin City Council Sport & Recreation Section spearhead countless initiatives for citizens of all backgrounds, across the entire city.

The impact these programs have had  is profound & truly inspiring.

One of the difficulties of the nature of the Sport & Recreation Section’s work is that their job is never done, there is always more to do. As a result, their capacity to tell these inspiring stories suffers.

As part of our partnership with the Sport & Recreation Section, we are documenting these stories through eye-catching content in order to promote the work of the entire section & inspire the community.

The stories are told through the eyes of the individuals whose lives have been changed for the better through the work of the Sports & Recreation Section.

Sportsfest 2019

Dublin Sportsfest is a week-long celebration of sport & physical activity designed to encourage people to participate regardless of age, ability or background.

As part of the campaign for Sportsfest, we designed the #ThisIsMyDublin campaign which was the vehicle to build an enthusiastic audience that will partake in Sportsfest.

The #ThisIsMyDublin campaign highlighted what makes Dublin so special to all who live here and showcased the great work of the Dublin City Sport & Wellbeing Partnership.

Everyone has their own personal experience of Dublin and we intend to embrace our differences & unite

Getting all girls active 2019

GAGA or Getting All Girls Active is an initiative aimed at engaging & inspiring inspire all girls to become more physically active. 

To do this DCC rolled out a vast array of events all across Dublin City from which we produce an high-impact video piece that captures everything GAGA is about.

Check out the video piece to the right.



This Is My Dublin