One of the most valuable promotional tools for any new, or established brand is to get covered within the mainstream media. When your business is spoken about and showcased by trusted media sources this not only builds brand awareness but grows consumer confidence in your product or service.

In this article we will discuss a few simple methods of gaining widespread and targeted media coverage for your brand through innovative PR tactics.

A lot of people tend to overcomplicate and overthink how they go about this when most of the time it really just comes down to a simple value exchange between the brand and the journalist/publisher.

Here are a few simple tactics we use to get our clients noticed.

1. Recruit Some High Profile Brand Ambassadors

This is one of the simplest but most effective methods to gain vast amounts of coverage for your brand. By recruiting a high profile brand ambassador(s) such as Sports Stars, Politicians, Celebrities etc. who are prepared to do interviews, you have now gained your side of the value exchange.

Once you have your brand ambassador you must research who the best journalists are to interview them. So, for example, if your ambassador is one of the Irish Rugby Team, you make a list of the main Rugby journalists in each of the biggest publications and invite them to interview your brand ambassador in exchange for use of your branded imagery (which you have shot at an earlier time/date) and caption of key brand messaging to accompany the interview in their publication.

In the case above, the interview that will appear in the publication will be mainly about Rugby, however your key brand message and imagery will be embedded within the piece creating an immediate brand affinity to the reader.

See some examples below of how we did this for brands including our own:

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